Service Details

Group Programs

Whether it is family, friends, cohorts or community – group sessions are an excellent way to engage in music therapy.

Group musical experiences create a shared sense of community and significant connections amongst the participants. Group sessions can address a wide range of therapeutic goals, including (but not limited to) –

      • Exercise and movement
      • Community building
      • Regulation skills and impulse control
      • Self-confidence, self-expression & leadership skills
      • Development or rehabilitation of attention, focus and other cognitive skills

1-to-1 Programs

An excellent choice for when your sessions need privacy, or dedicated focus to work towards your individualized goals.

Individual programs begin with a thorough assessment of your goals and needs, to formulate a detailed roadmap for therapy. 1-2-1 sessions can target the following (and more) –

      • Mental Health Conditions
      • Physiological Conditions
      • Challenges of Intellectual Abilities
      • Speech, Language & Communication Skills
      • Self-confidence & Self-expression

Music For All

A program for supported learning of musical instruments and skills – designed and tailored specifically for people with special needs.

Music Therapists have an understanding of the intricate needs that often accompany people’s medical conditions and disabilities. This makes Music Therapists highly capable teachers who are able to customize lessons according to the unique needs of each individual.

Music For All consists of –

      • Singing
      • Guitar
      • Piano
      • Ukulele
      • Music Production

Telehealth & Reach Out

Access to health care necessities can sometimes be challenging. Let the therapy come to you instead, either via technology or in-person.

We believe in meeting you where you are – both therapeutically and literally. Whether it is health restrictions or challenges to accessibility, Torongo’s Telehealth and Reach Out services ensure that you get the best possible care within the comfort and warmth of your own home/community.