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1-to-1 Programs

An excellent choice for when your sessions need privacy, or dedicated focus to work towards your individualized goals. Learn more

Group Programs

Whether it is family, friends, cohorts or community – group sessions are an excellent way to engage in music therapy. Learn more

Music For All

A program for supported learning of musical skills  – designed and tailored specifically for people with special needs. Learn more

Wherever You Are

Access to therapy can sometimes be challenging. Let the therapy come wherever you are instead, via technology or in-person. Learn more


Individualised Therapy Approach


Developing a strong client-therapist relationship as foundation for the overarching therapeutic experience


Ensuring sessions are engaging, and use person-centered, strength-based activities and interactions


Tailoring the therapy experience to reflect the client’s need(s), mood(s) and environment


Formulating well-defined therapeutic goals and systematic steps to measure progress


What is Music Therapy?



Short Answer:

Music Therapy is a form of research-based professional therapy, where music is actively used to address specific goals related to people’s health, functioning and wellbeing.

Who Could Benefit From Music Therapy?


Short Answer:

Whether your needs are community building or clinical rehabilitation, music therapy can benefit anyone from any background.

Why does Music Therapy work?


Short Answer:

Music’s effect can be observed in the whole body, down to the level of our DNA. It is simultaneously processed in the entire brain, overlapping with regions which control language, movement, memory, balance, coordination and much more.

How is it different from listening to music?

Short Answer:

Music Therapy can take many forms above and beyond just listening to music. Even if it is simply listening, the difference can be compared to speaking to a psychotherapist VS talking in general. 

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) provides funding for music therapy under the support cluster of “Capacity Building – Improved Daily Living Skills”. Music For All (Supported Learning) can be funded using the “Capacity Building – Increased Social and Community Participation” category. Torongo welcomes all NDIS plan managed, and self managed (or combination) clients and their families. Learn more

Getting Started is Easy


Free 30 Min Consult

An over the phone/online discussion about what you expect to gain from music therapy and whether it is a right fit for you.

Initial Assessment

Three sessions dedicated to trying different activities, finding what suits you and your needs best, and formulating a therapy roadmap.

All Set

Discuss and decide the frequency, dates, times of sessions, and embark upon a rewarding journey of self-improvement. through music therapy.


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